RegisterPro© FAQs
Some of the commonly asked questions about our online registration system are listed below.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
Is there a limit on the amount of activities or events a program can have?
No, there is no limit. The amount of events is up to the individual programs using the system. Events can even be restricted to various groups or levels within each program.
Is there a limit to the amount of participants for an activity or event?
Individual activities or events can be defined with or without a capacity limit. If a program chooses for those activities with a limit, when the limit is reached the system establishes a waiting list.
Do you charge a fee for free events?
We do not charge a fee to register for free events.
Can I register guests or friends for an event?
That is a decision of each individual program. The system has the options to allow the amount of guests or extra family members and the quantity of each per family and per event.
Is there a calendar of events?
Yes, The system offers a calendar that can be customized for each individual in the program. You have the ability to choose from individual to multi programs. You can customize the color themes of each program as well.
Are there reports available for those running an event?
Yes, there are set reports available to you. You also have the option to create any style of report you want. You can pick and choose the various fields you would like to see, and the order in which you see them.
What does your registration software offer that other online registration systems do not offer?
Our registration software is unique in that it will accept multi–tiered or multi-level tree structured programs or with one or more events. You can customize each program or event to your individual needs.
Is there an annual fee to use the registration software?
There are no annual fees. Our registration system is a pay as you go system, charging a small percentage for each time you register.
Who controls the monies that are collected through the registration system?
We offer two options for you program to choose from.
•  Option #1 is we can collect all online payments and fees utilizing our PayPal account. Registration Systems, Inc. will remit payments to your organization net the processing percentages of PayPal and Registration Systems, Inc. once a month.
•  Option #2 is you can use your program’s own PayPal account. Registration Systems, Inc. will then bill your program for their percentages on a monthly basis.
Is there an option to set various fees for different groups?
Yes, each individual group or program can assign a fee if they choose. They can customize their fees by utilizing many different types, such as early bird, late, multi group, reduced fees by date, etc.
Do members signing up for events have to pay program fees before they can participate?
A program has the ability to set its own options. Each individual program establishes dues or fees that either must be paid before members can participate, or can be paid at a later date.
Does your system have the capability to email individuals?
Yes, in many different ways. You have the option of emailing individuals, various groups, or levels in your designated programs. You can send out emails with attachments and graphics. There are a variety of preset options such as announcements, warnings, notifications, and reminders to choose from. Each of these can be customized for each individual program.
Can the theme of the pages be changed to match our website look and feel?
Yes, there are a variety of color patterns and styles to choose from. If you can not find one we can customize a web theme for you
Can we input our graphics into the program?
Yes, you have the ability input your own graphics on various pages of the program.
What are the reporting functions that are available?
You can choose from canned or preset reports. You also have the option with our system to create and design your own reports. We have beautiful colored charts and graphs and the ability for reporting drill downs.
Do we have to pay with a credit card?
No, each program can choose what form of payment they want to utilize.
What type of payment options do you offer?
You can choose from any or all of the following options: PayPal, secured credit card authorization, offline payments with cash or check.
Can I use my own PayPal account?
Yes, after your members goes through the registration process, they are prompted to choose their payment type. If PayPal is an option, in which your program uses, your members will be redirected to your PayPal sight to complete their transactions. It is at that time they will enter in their account information for payment.
Do you retain credit card information?
Registration Systems, Inc. does not utilize or retain any credit card information. Your registration information is sent encrypted to one of the payment clearing options listed above.
What security measures does your system have in place?
Our registration software is protected by AlphaSSL CA -SHA256 - G2 Web Server Certificate which is 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Our site is scanned daily to look for vulnerabilities and potential threats. Your data is secure. Registration Systems Inc. does not keep any form of credit information on file.
Do you sell or share information with anyone?
We will not share, sell, or give away your information or your attendee's information to third parties not authorized by you. Registration Systems, Inc. cooperates with all law enforcement authorities, as well as with other third parties to enforce laws, intellectual property rights, and to prevent fraud.
Is my data securely backed up?
Yes, your personal database is backed up daily onto a secure remote server.