Refund Information
Registration Systems Incorporated does not set your Event and/or Program refund policies. Each Event and/or Program you are part of might have a different refund policy. Please check with your Event Organizer or Program Administrator for refund policies. If a refund is issued to you, it can take up to 5 business days for the refund to be reflected in your account.
Ways to request a refund for Events and/or Programs:
  1. Navigate to your Program Area for your account and email an administrator from the list of board positions available to you.
  2. Navigate to the Event you are requesting a refund for obtain the organizaer information listed for the event. In the case there is not one, please use step 1 above. Organizer information could be provided:
    • email
    • phone number
    • address
  3. Policies you might have signed and agreed with for your Event and/or Program could have refund policy information included in its documentation. Please navigate to your Policy Area to view all policies you have agreed to for further details.
  4. If you still cannot get your refund resolved, please view our contact us page and email support the steps you have taken to obtain your refund.
Note: Since Registration Systems Incorporated can't issue refunds on behalf of the program you are part of, Event Organizers and/or Program Administrators and attendees must resolve any refund requests on their own. RSI will only assist when all other resources have been exhausted.
All agreements between you and your Program are not the responsibiliy of Registration Systems Incorporated, nor enforced by Registration Systems Incorporated. Please read our documentation concerning usage of this site by clicking on the links at the bottom of any page, Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions .